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Ours to Keep: A Song that Colors TikTok with Emotional Narrative

Ours to Keep: A Song that Colors TikTok with Emotional Narrative Credit: special - On April 12, 2024, Kendis released the song Ours to Keep, which successfully inspired and accompanied many Alternate Universe stories on TikTok. This song is a collaboration with his brother, Adis, who is known for his comedic content on TikTok. Together, they bring vulnerability and creativity into Ours to Keep, creating a song that captivates young people on social media.

More than that, Ours to Keep serves as a canvas for listeners to project their own narratives about loss, longing, and the search for peace. Its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics allow listeners to find their own meanings. Whether it's about missing a loved one, reminiscing about a precious memory, or even finding one's identity.

Produced together with two young producers called ClutterHush (Devan and Rizqi), Ours to Keep showcases the ability of young people to create professional work from home, without a studio. Starting from a long-distance collaboration, they successfully create a skillful instrumental execution that enriches the emotions and makes this song feel close to the listeners.

1. Continuously Inspiring

As a first step in Kendis' music career and with Adis' increasing popularity on TikTok, Kendis and Adis hope that this collaboration can continue to inspire listeners to produce more creative works or accompany them in sadness and joy.

Ours to Keep is now available on all streaming platforms. For more information about Kendis and Adis, follow them on social media.

2. Let's Get to Know Each Other!

Kendis is a singer and songwriter known for her authentic lyrics and catchy music. With a growing discography and collaborations like Ours to Keep, Kendis continues to captivate listeners with her musical touch.

Adis is a musician, entertainer, and TikTok influencer known for his funny content. As a collaborator in Ours to Keep, Adis brings his unique perspective and creative energy to the song with beautiful vocal fills.


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