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Raisa is Embarrassed and Not Confident about Making a Documentary Film by Director Soleh Solihun

Raisa is Embarrassed and Not Confident about Making a Documentary Film by Director Soleh Solihun Raisa © Herdianto - Production house Imajinari in collaboration with record label Juni Records is working on a documentary film about singer Raisa titled "Harta Tahta Raisa" (Raisa's Treasure and Throne). This film is directed by Soleh Solihun and will be released on Raisa's birthday on June 6th.

Raisa initially thought that this film would only depict behind-the-scenes of her concert "Raisa: Live in Concert: Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium" in 2023. However, "Harta Tahta Raisa" is actually a documentary film about Raisa's musical career journey. Because of that, Raisa feels afraid of being featured in a documentary film.

"At first, I thought this was a concert documentary at GBK (Gelora Bung Karno). It's monumental for us. But when I found out that it's a documentary about Raisa, oh no, I'm scared and embarrassed. What will be revealed, is it inspiring? Is it interesting enough?" Raisa said during the press conference for the official trailer and poster launch of "Harta Tahta Raisa" at Plaza Senayan, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (23/4/2024).

1. Raisa Finally Confident

However, after discussing with Dipa Andika Nurprasetyo, also known as Dipa from Imajinari, that fear disappeared. Raisa then confidently agreed to be made into a documentary film.

“Finally, I talked to Dipa, to Kang Soleh, finally I am confident to proceed (with the documentary). I don't care how I look or how I am portrayed. I don't have any specific requests, I just want to know how others perceive me,” said Raisa.

The trailer and official poster for the documentary film "Harta Tahta Raisa" were officially released on April 23, 2023. Raisa, who saw the trailer for the documentary film for the first time, admitted feeling nervous.

“Honestly, it's really difficult for me to see myself, especially seeing myself. My comment to Kang Soleh Solihun, to Dipa, you can feel the nervousness,” said Raisa.

2. Many Things Not Yet Seen by the Public

The film "Harta Tahta Raisa" will feature a series of photo and video footage about herself and her career. This footage will certainly be a special treat for her fans later.

"What is interesting and exclusive about the documentary is the footage that we have never seen before. That has never been published, never been on social media or anywhere," Raisa concluded.


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