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Matheo In Rio Releases Mini Album Titled 'Other Side', Immersing in Love through Serene Music

Matheo In Rio Releases Mini Album Titled 'Other Side', Immersing in Love through Serene Music Matheo In Rio (Credit: Special) - Matheo In Rio, the vocalist of the hardcore band EIV, explores his talent by releasing a new mini album titled Other Side on June 28, 2024. This mini album marks a new step for Matheo as a solo artist, after releasing a full album with EIV, by collaborating outside his comfort zone with other musicians.

"This mini album is special to me because through this work, I try to speak fully about love in a simple and understandable language," he said during a virtual interview session on Friday (28/6/2024).

This mini album consists of five songs that showcase Matheo in a calmer atmosphere while still maintaining his distinctive vocal characteristics as a rock singer. One of the standout songs from this mini album is Oh My Girl, which explores the theme of teenage love with all its joy and chaos.

1. Emotional Journey

"This song (Oh My Girl) tells the story of a high school love, when having a crush there are various mixed feelings. Sometimes during those times we don't dare to directly express that we like someone, instead we often tease with sarcasm but with attention," he said.

Matheo conveyed that this mini album is not just a collection of songs, but a story that depicts his emotional journey. With the help of music producer Sandy Canester, Matheo successfully changed the direction of his music from being hard to more melancholic, while still maintaining its original essence.

"And for this mini album, I just want to be heard well through the songs that I try to sing," said Matheo.

2. Feeling Love Stories

In addition, the collaboration with Sandy Canester and Indra Qadarsih in the production process of this mini album is also considered the right choice to support Matheo's artistic journey.

With Other Side, Matheo In Rio not only invites listeners to delve into another side of his music, but also to contemplate and feel the love stories that he conveys through these songs.

This mini album marks a new journey for Matheo as a solo artist, who is able to depict the depth of emotions and honesty in conveying his personal stories. Other Side is here to be enjoyed by listeners who appreciate the beauty in the tranquility of music, while still radiating the romantic essence of Matheo In Rio in every note.


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