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Enter a New Chapter in Music Career, Stereowall Releases EP 'Trapped in Imagination'

Enter a New Chapter in Music Career, Stereowall Releases EP 'Trapped in Imagination' Stereowall (Credit: Special) - Stereowall, an alternative rock band that has been active since 2012, has just released a new EP titled 'Trapped in Imagination'. This EP marks a new chapter for Stereowall in their 12 years of creating music, showcasing a change in atmosphere and new colors different from their previous works.

Unlike Stereowall's previous songs, which were written by Rama (guitarist), in this EP, Tita (vocalist) and Mamed (bassist) also participated in the songwriting process. There are three songs in the 'Trapped in Imagination' EP, including 'Trapped in Imagination', 'Soul Sabotage', and 'E.M.O'.

The first and second songs, written by Tita, 'Trapped in Imagination' and 'Soul Sabotage', are inspired by her restlessness and personal life. The music composition and arrangement, done by Rama and Rei, further explore the lyrics written by Tita and turn them into a work that tends to be more melancholic compared to Stereowall's previous songs. This change is considered as a maturation of Stereowall.

1. Expressing Anxiety

Meanwhile, the third song written by Mamed titled "e.m.o. (emotionally motivated outcast)" serves as the binding element of this EP, considering the themes and vibes of the songs previously written by Tita. The lyrics of the e.m.o. song are mostly taken from snippets of emo songs from the 2000s, with the intention of making it easier for people to learn despite the lyrics being in English.

"We used to feel like no one knew us, but we had our own emotional motivation to strive for better," said Mamed about the e.m.o. song that he wrote.

"Basically, what we want to convey through this e.m.o. song is our thoughts and anxieties through harmonious and melancholic melodies," he continued.

2. A Challenge

In the initial process of creating the songs, Stereowall already had a clear goal of producing something different from their previous works, which of course posed a challenge. Additionally, for Tita, the vocalist or frontliner of the band Stereowall, there were also challenges in the process of creating this EP.

"We wanted Tita to fully master everything, understand the character, understand the concept, and understand the songs. In order to really understand, she had to at least write the lyrics of the songs," said Mamed.

3. Various Reactions

From the style change of Stereowall in this EP, they are confident that there will be both positive and negative reactions, some may like and some may not like the new colors and characters displayed by Stereowall, as a milestone in their career.

The EP "trapped imagination" by Stereowall can now be listened to on all digital music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Langit Musik, Youtube Music, TikTok Music, and Trebel. The music video can be watched on Musica Studio's Youtube channel.


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