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Here Comes The Sun Eater (HCTS) 2024 to be Held in Bali, Presenting a Full Lineup of Talent!

Here Comes The Sun Eater (HCTS) 2024 to be Held in Bali, Presenting a Full Lineup of Talent! Sihir Pentas becomes the headliner at HCTS 2024 (Photo credit: Sun Eater) - Sun Eater, a renowned music company and record label based in Jakarta, will soon present an unforgettable music festival titled 'Here Comes The Sun Eater (HCTS)'. This event will be held at Mertasari Beach, Sanur, Bali on July 6, 2024.

First held in 2019, HCTS is not just a music performance that highlights only musicians under the Sun Eater umbrella; this festival is also a tribute to creativity, community, and of course the transformative power of music itself.

Sun Eater strives to present an event that also celebrates friends, family, and supporters of talent under its wing. With a focus on audience satisfaction through music, concept, and new happiness every year, HCTS is ready to provide a profound musical experience.

1. Reasons for Choosing Bali

Natasha Udu, as the Head of Operation Sun Eater, revealed her reasons for choosing Bali for this edition.

"For us, Bali is an area with an interactive and creative community, in line with the values always upheld in HCTS, where we celebrate the creativity and innovation of young people," said Natasha Udu.

"In addition to being a must-visit tourist destination, the diversity of the community in Bali is also an indicator of why Bali is the right location for the annual Sun Eater event," she added.

2. HCTS 2024 Lineup

This year's HCTS lineup offers a variety of talented performances with the collaboration of Hindia and Lomba Sihir under the title of Pentas Sihir, along with local headliners Milledenials and the hypnotic melodies of Drizzly.

Although they have now become two different musical entities, Lomba Sihir and Hindia combine their charms once again under the banner of Pentas Sihir. Natasha Udu, Baskara Putra, Enrico Octaviano, Tristan Juliano, and Rayhan Noor combine songs from Hindia and Lomba Sihir albums in a captivating performance scheduled to be the headliner of HCTS this year.

Sun Eater has also teamed up with the local band Milledenials. Formed in Denpasar in 2020, this band consists of vocalist Nadya, bassist Billy, and guitarists Made and Bagus Aditya. These five talented individuals join forces to create honest music with topics about what it feels like to grow up in the digital era. Their music, characterized by layers of guitar distortion and swirling modulation, is ready to mesmerize the HCTS audience this year.

Completing the lineup is Drizzly, a dream pop band from Sidoarjo, East Java. Formed by vocalist Manda, this band started as a solo project until her friends, bassist Moza, guitarist Faye, and drummer Rascil, completed the quartet.

"Previously, HCTS was held in Jakarta and online (during the pandemic) with musicians from Jakarta. In the past 2 years, we want to give everyone in Indonesia the opportunity to enjoy the same experience. HCTS Bali 2024 will invite musicians from East Java, Drizzly, and Milledenials from Bali, because we believe that talent outside the capital city has the same great potential," Natasha explained.

3. Collaboration with Healix Communion

Here Comes The Sun Eater 2024 proudly presented by Sun Eater, with Healix Communion as the event promoter. Originating from Bali, Healix Communion is a creative company founded by a group of dedicated young individuals who aim to enhance productivity and shape the character of other youths through creativity, care, and a keen awareness of social and environmental issues in the creative industry.

"It doesn't take a great person to know that only locals understand their own city. We have partnered with Healix, a group of young people who highly value creativity and togetherness because we always believe that through partnership and collaborative experiences, we can cultivate more collaborations with partners and musicians worldwide," explained Natasha when asked about the collaboration between Sun Eater and Healix.

With the shared goal of creating an unforgettable experience, Sun Eater and Healix Communion are ready to present a musical performance that leaves a lasting impression on its audience.

"We strive to create an image that coming to HCTS is a must to upgrade the trends of today's youth, especially for Gen-Z, as this market is unique. With this collaboration, we hope that the audience will have a different experience where they can witness their favorite talents being organized directly by their management," added Andika Rujana from Healix Communion.

4. Ticket Prices and Categories

Tickets will be available for sale starting from April 27, 2024. Get ready to be in the midst of the excitement of Here Comes The Sun Eater 2024 with tickets that will be available through three channels:

1. Through the Traveloka App
2. Via WhatsApp
3. Or Direct Purchase

There are two ticket categories: Festival and VIP. Festival tickets provide access to the event area, while VIP tickets offer additional benefits such as watching from the front area, soundcheck experience, and other benefits. Tickets will be sold starting from IDR200k (excluding tax) from April 27, 2024 at 11:00 AM WIB/12:00 PM WITA.


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