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YALLA Criticized by Netizens, Novia Bachmid: Got a Little Annoyed

YALLA Criticized by Netizens, Novia Bachmid: Got a Little Annoyed Credit: - Novia Bachmid's new single titled YALLA, which was recently released, received harsh criticism on social media, especially TikTok. Despite the uplifting lyrics, Novia didn't let herself get affected by it.

"In my opinion, the lyrics are simple because they only depict rising up and trying again to face everything," she said when met in Senayan, Central Jakarta, recently.

According to Novia, the song she created with Tovan and Mohammed Kamga serves as motivation for people who are currently going through tough times. Novia doesn't want to respond to negative comments about her song.

"It's a good affirmation for all of us who feel like our lives are in a slump, to rise up again. So now, I don't want to pay attention to negative comments, I want to rise up like my song," she said.

1. Give Suggestions

Novia suggests that if you don't like the work she has created, you don't have to listen to it. Because, the single was made specifically to encourage people who are feeling down.

"Those who want to listen to my song can do so, so that they can be inspired and motivated to live their lives," she said.

Novia said that initially she was influenced by the comments on her social media. Because this was her first experience, the 22-year-old woman decided not to read them anymore.

"I was initially quite upset, some of the comments were really negative. This is the first time I have received such harsh comments, but in the end, I decided not to read them. I just kept myself busy expressing positivity," she explained.

2. Different Creations

One criticism that came up mentioned that Novia's music is quite heavy, even to the point where the arrangements are not suitable. However, Novia has an explanation regarding this matter.

"Indeed, this is different. More towards up bit, Afron, pop, and there is also Nusantara. Some people consider the music to be heavy, but in my opinion, this is an up bit to make the listeners energetic or enthusiastic," she explained.

"It is impossible for a motivational song to have a ballad arrangement. But well, it's up to the netizens to comment. But one thing for sure, I will always keep creating," she concluded.


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